Elementary Class

We are happy to announce that IMS has decided to open a program for children aged 6-9 years from the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

After a few years of experience with children from confident walking to 6 years old, we are ready to develop cosmic education as well. Indeed, for Maria Montessori children from 6 years old enter the second development plan which calls for a new way of learning.

During this age group, it is thirst and intellectual hunger that guides the child. He wants to know the reason for everything.

« During this age group, it is thirst and intellectual hunger that guides the child. He wants to know the reason for everything. »

Child Aged 6-12

Reasoning mind

“During this intellectual phase, the child’s questions are innumerable. He wants to know everything. His thirst for knowledge is so insatiable that people usually don’t know what to do. « 

Maria Montessori, Conference on the Reasoning Mind, Amsterdam, 1950

Abstraction and imagination capacity

It is at this age that the child will develop his imagination and access realities that he cannot touch with his senses.

The learning is organized in pictorial form thanks to the big stories.

Intellectual curiosity

The environment is prepared and designed to stimulate and nourish their intellectual curiosity.

His questions change, he wants to know the why of things: the « what is it » of 3-6 year olds turn into « why »

Development of moral sense

Each child develops his moral sense by developing a moral conscience. He wants to distinguish right from wrong. He tests the established rules to measure their correctness and truth. « It’s not fair » is the cry of his heart.

He is fascinated by heroes and shows empathy especially towards the weakest.  

Research trips

Field trips are an integral part of the Montessori elementary class.

These trips are organized by the children themselves who plan them, seek funding and organize them according to their specific interests.

Thanks to these trips, they do interdisciplinary work.

Opening on the world

The child is amazed and passionate about everything he sees.

The curriculum of this plan places the child at the center of the universe. The different areas are presented in an interdependent manner.

Imagination leads him to a world without limits and his intellectual curiosity pushes him to explore it.

«Help me to think by myself »

Maria Montessori


The child exercises his will and becomes gradually master of himself: he is self-constructed.

The environment is prepared in such a way as to encourage group work to meet the children’s need for socialization.

The program starts from the child to open up to the whole universe. Starting from the 5 stories proposed by Maria Montessori to open the imagination of children, cosmic education will give the child a global perspective. The aim of these stories is to arouse the curiosity, wonder and interest of children.

These five great stories open a new field in the following disciplines: geography, history, biology, geology, ecology, mathematics and languages

Prepared environment

The environment is prepared in such a way as to make all work areas interdependent. The child before doing his work, will compose his own set by going after what is useful for his work in different areas.

The logbook

The educator wants the child to progress well in all subjects. Each week he makes an appointment with the child to discuss in order to help him self-assess his own development.


Every Wednesday afternoon, an English-speaking educator will present all the material already seen in French to the children. The assistant being English speaking, the children will continue the spoken language in English.


Every Friday afternoon, children will have two hours of sport organized by a sports center in the vicinity of the school

Artistic education

Painting and music are important subjects for developing the creative and artistic spirit of the child. Visiting art galleries, singing classes and / or learning a musical instrument will support his thirst for learning.

The Cafeteria

Lunch is a very important moment of sharing in our teaching approach.

The children organize the course of the lunch themselves: set the table, state the menu, seat the guests, serve the meal, clear and run their dishwasher. Every morning, they empty the dishwasher and put all the service away.

IMS offers a hot and balanced meal cooked, with fresh products, in the school. The menu is designed by a dietician (Ms. Tatiana Ghandour).


Arrival: 7:50 a.m.
Departure: 3:30 p.m.

Vacances scolaires

We follow the same school holidays as the French schools in Abidjan. The school offers half-day workshops the first week of the school holidays for school children and their siblings.

Registration procedure

Registration is open all year long

Contact us via the form, explaining your contact details and your motivations.

We will get back to you for a meeting with one of the school officials and a visit.

If the child is accepted as a result, we will proceed with the registration