Our School

IMS opened its doors in September 2014 with the aim of supporting parents interested in an active and positive education.
We are an authentic Montessori school that strives to implement the values of Maria Montessori.
The establishment is new, clean and welcoming. The children are accompanied with kindness and respect. Each being considered unique in the midst of the others, his teaching is personalized.

A welcoming and safe establishment for your children in Abidjan

Ivory Montessori School (IMS) opened in 2016. The success of the school, combined with a great demand from parents for an authentic Montessori education, prompted the construction of a new building with two Infant Community classes and two for the Children’s House level.

At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, we opened our second Children’s Community and a Children’s House. In September 2018, a new Children’s House was opened. In September 2021, IMS opened an elementary class (ages 6-9).

Today, the school welcomes about hundred children.

Each class has its AMI – Nienhuis approved Montessori material. The school has an outdoor garden for recreation, and an indoor garden in case of rain, a vegetable garden as well as rabbits and a turtle for the happiness of the children.

Children accompanied by adults will be happy to feed the animals or watch them in the garden.

IMS is designed to welcome children, parents, and supervisory staff in a pleasant, secure setting like at home.

A school in constant growth and evolution

Since 2016, our school has had more and more students every year. The number of employees is also growing accordingly in order to be able to open our doors to the greatest number of children while guaranteeing a high quality of reception and teaching.


1 Infant Community
14 children – 3 employees


2 Infant Community – 1 Children’s House
68 children – 15 employees


2 Infant Community – 2 Children’s House
88 children – 19 employees


2 Infant Community – 2 Children’s House
89 children – 20 employees


2 Infant Community – 2 Children’s House
90 children – 21 employees


2 Infant Community – 2 Children’s House – 1 elementary class
105 children – 23 employees

Exchange library

Respect awareness

IMS launched an exchange library in September 2019. 

The principle of the library is that each child who wishes to borrow a book offers one from the library.

He can choose a book he no longer reads (and / or buy a new one).

Sharing awareness

We want to make children aware of respect for books and the values of sharing.

It’s a way to give a second life to the stories that made our children dream.