Educational team

IMS has a multi-cultural team united by a passion for Montessori pedagogy.

All members are driven by the desire to continually learn and work in unity and kindness towards each other. Respect for the children is our watchword.

A trained, dynamic and committed team.

Our first promise is to help your children to develop while respecting with rigor the original approach of Maria Montessori and of the Association Montessori International. With this in mind, our entire team is certified by AMI (Association Montessori International).

Our team is versatile and international. The union of personalities from all walks of life who have only one priority, the well-being and development of your children.

Take a look at our 2020 team building

Each year we start with a moment of relaxation and we meet to consolidate the bonds of friendship between the different teams. A small preview video of the event.

This year the theme was « pirates »! We are sure that many children would have liked to be with us

IMS Team

Anam Hassam

Director and Founder of IMS

AMI Educator 3-6 years old – AMI Administrators Certificate

Born in Abidjan and mother of two children. I studied psychology and sociology in Canada. After my studies, I moved to Paris. During some of my volunteer missions, I discovered the Montessori method. I was immediately won over by this approach and decided to train at the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori (ISMM). With my diploma in hand, I went back to Canada to work for two years as an educator in an accredited Montessori School.
In 2015, as I was about to become a mother, I decided to return to Ivory Coast, and open a school-based on Montessori Pedagogy.

Georgette Umuhoza

Assistant Director

AMI 3-6 Assistant and AMI 0-3 Assistant to Infancy Educator

Born Rwandan, Belgian of heart and nationality, I work for IMS since almost its beginning. I have a master’s in Political Science with an emphasis on International relationships, but my professional background is more in IT (Database Developer). Mother of 4 children, passionate about children’s education, the encounter with Montessori pedagogy was obvious. I have just finished a 3-6 years old AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate and I am learning as a 0-3 years old AMI Montessori Educator.

Vanessa Lesueur Carminati

Pedagogical Director

AMI 3-6 Educator

Looking for a nursery school for my first child, it was in London that I discovered a Children’s House that engage me on the path of Maria Montessori.
Back in France, I obtained the AMI 3-6 years old Montessori Educator Diploma and worked for 10 years in a renowned Montessori School in Paris. I trained as a Coach at the Geneva International Coaching Institut and created a Montessori Parents Coaching Program.
In 2019, I joined Montessori 21 School in Nanterre as director.
It is with great pleasure that I join the IMS Team.

Olivia Bova

School Psychologist

AMI 3-6 Educator – Clinical Psychologist

My name is Olivia Bova. I am a world citizen. I have lived and worked abroad for 23 years (Canada, Norway, Switzerland, France, United States, United Kingdom, China, and Spain) as a Counselor Socio-Emotional, and Clinical Psychologist.
I have a Master’s degree in Dance & Drama, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I have a Teacher Certificate in Primordial Sound Meditation at the Chopra Center and an AMI 3-6 years old Montessori Educator Diploma. I specialize in Social-Emotional Learning, Body Clinics, and Expressive Therapies. I am a passionate, innovative, and forward-thinking counselor who can create a transformational journey with children.
I am grateful to be the School Psychologist at IMS.

Camille Doddé

Administrative Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

Mother of two girls, passionate about words, trained in psychology, and eager to know. I am happy to be part of the IMS Family, always with passion and dedication, I am available for children and parents at school.

Infant community

Gamuchirai Nyabereka

Iroko Educator

AMI 0-3 Educator

I am Gamuchirai Nyabereka, married to a lovely husband and mother to 2 beautiful princesses. I come from Zimbabwe but I’ve spent half my life in South Africa. My passion for children led me into doing Montessori and I am so glad I went in this direction. I obtained my 0-3 years AMI diploma in South Africa and I carry so much pride in having been amongst the pioneer group to do the training in Africa. It brings me so much joy to see the children develop into confident individuals within the community, each year. I am looking forward to so much, adventure, laughter, and growth.

Edith Dioulo

Iroko French-speaking Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

Preschool Educator for 8 years in a nursery school, I joined IMS years ago. The encounter with the Montessori Pedagogy was decisive, and I decided to become an AMI 3-6 Assistant to better meet the needs of children.

Comfort Agou

Iroko English-speaking Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

I am Comfort, a mother of one girl. I have a bachelor’s in business administration option Marketing. Two years ago, I became aware of the Montessori Pedagogy and I loved the way children become independent. I got the AMI 3-6 Assistant Certificate in June 2020. I believe in this wonderful school, and I feel lucky to be part of such a great Team.

Ange Soro épse Adingra

Bambou Educator

AMI 0-3 Educator

Passionate about working with children, my encounter with the Montessori Pedagogy was a real revelation. This is what led me to start a thorough training in this beautiful method. I graduated from the ISMM in Paris, where I got a 0-3 Montessori Assistant Certificate, and it is with great joy that I started last year the 0-3 Educator Training. I am glad to be part of Bambou’s beautiful environment and to work with children.

Gifty Amevor

English speaking Bambou assistant

AMI Assistant 3-6 years old

I am a professional teacher with over ten years of experience in providing comprehensive and quality teaching services to students and institutions. I seek to contribute an experience that affords students the opportunity to be analytical in a self-directed learning atmosphere. These, I believe will lead them to selfdiscovery and help them to, more often than not, draw resultsoriented conclusions. A graduate of University of Cape Coast, trained as an interventionist at the Child Learner Development Organization and a lecturer at Clairefontaine University, I have an insatiable desire to keep learning that why I took this summer an Assistant Montessori AMI 3-6 course. I am happy to be part of a dynamic institution like IMS.

Hanta Soro

Bambou French-speaking Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

Holder a diploma in Business Management and trained to teach in French-speaking schools where I worked as a kindergarten assistant for more than 6 years. My integration into the IMS Team allowed me to discover this wonderful pedagogy and train as AMI 3-6 Assistant.

Children’s House

Gloria Aké épse Coulibaly

Baobab French-speaking Educator

AMI 3-6 Educator

I certified AMI 3-6 Educator, and I am in charge of Baobab classroom. I love sharing my passion for art, and working with children in the classroom with our dynamic team and to embark on the work together.

Najia Mursaleen

Baobab English-speaking Educator

AMI 3-6 Educator

I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities. I decided to change my career path when I was working as an assistant lease, and I heard about Montessori Pedagogy. I got AMI 3-6 diploma, and started working with children. I also got the Early Childhood Education Certificate. I have six years of experience in this field.

Désirée Williams

Baobab English-speaking Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

I am graduated as an AMI 3-6 Assistant, I am Baobab English-speaking Assistant. Jovial and gentle, I like to be in the company of my loved ones, like friends, and families. I love spending time with children and I am passionate about music. Being at IMS allowed me to get closer to my passion which is the children’s world. I am delighted to be part of the Team.

Nicole Koffi

Acajou French-speaking Educator

AMI 3-6 Educator

Ivorian, mother of 3 daughters. Holder of AMI 3-6 Assistant Certificate, and AMI 3-6 AMI Educator Diploma I finally concretize my passion for children; helping them to develop harmoniously while respecting their specific needs. I am in charge of Acajou’s classroom as a French-speaking Educator.

Rita Okafor

Acajou English-speaking Educator

AMI 3-6 Educator

My name is Rita Okafor and I am Acajou English-speaking Educator. I have enjoyed every minute of working with children at IMS. I have learnt so much working with them. I am an AMI 3-6 certified, and I am doing AMI 6-12 training right now.

Nelly Oulaï

Acajou French-speaking Assistant

AMI 3-6 Assistant

Ivorian, married and mother of two children. I joined the IMS Team with great joy, and I am happy to continue the adventure. I am a certified AMI 3-6 Assistant, and I am working at Acajou classroom.

Elementary Class

Martial Louya

Samba Educator

AMI 6-12 Educator

French-speaking Educator graduated from AMI in 2014, I have been practicing Montessori Pedagogy since 2015. I started working as an Educator for children aged 3 to 6, in a Montessori school in Geneva until 2018, before joining IMS . Since October 2019, I have decided to go further by pursuing a Montessori AMI 6-12 Educator Training. Passionate about yoga, I introduce it to children in my classroom for connection to oneself, others and nature.

Anita Owusu-Ansah

Acajou English-speaking Assistant

AMI 6-12 and 3-6 Assistant

My name is Anita and I come from Ghana. I have a degree in Translation option French and Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs. I was introduced to the Montessori Pedagogy years ago, and instantly fell in love. I have obtained the AMI 3-6 and AMI 6-12 Assistant Diplomas . I am an English-speaking Assistant in Samba classroom.

Ako Tete Lucien


I am Lucien, the cook of IMS. I joined the Team in October 2019. Basically I didn’t know it was a school. Nice coincidence, or dream came true, since I have always wanted to put my know-how at the service of a school. Cooking is my passion and especially dietetic cuisine. I am happy when the guests rejoice around my dishes. The fact that children eat with appetite is my daily satisfaction. I am happy to be part of the IMS Family.

Abdoulaye Dembele

Day Guardian

I am the Day Guardian. I like to run with the little ones and play football with the big ones.I am proud to be able to be of use to children, but also to parents in the morning on arrival and in the evening on departure. I can’t wait to play more with the kids.


Night Guardian

I am the Night Guardian. I am happy to be part of this Team. My joy is to watch over this school so that the children are happy there.

Fabrice & Mathieu

Equipe ménage

Me, it’s Fabrice and it’s my fourth year at IMS.

I am Mathieu and I have just arrived. This is my first year at IMS. We lend a hand to the whole team to keep this school always clean and welcoming to our children.