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novembre 1, 2020

Tip of November: Grace and courtesy

How to say good morning, how to introduce yourself, how to offer something to someone, what are the behaviors to have when living in community are general attitudes that are acquired through others, while seeing them doing it. The child needs to know everything that is possible to do, how to do it, and when […]

octobre 1, 2020

Tip of October: Holiday tips

The first piece of advice we want to offer you during the school holidays is to spend quality time with your child, and do one or two activities with them during this well-deserved rest period. Then allow children to have a fixed routine that will meet their need for order and security. The more familiar […]

septembre 1, 2020

Tip of September: The sensitive period of order

Have you ever observed strange, almost obsessive behaviors in your child? Like, does he align his toys perfectly? He began to align everything, classify in order of magnitude. Everything in its place, everything is well delimited and sorted? Maria Montessori, in her book The secret of childhood states : « one of the most important and […]