novembre 1, 2020

Tip of November: Grace and courtesy

How to say good morning, how to introduce yourself, how to offer something to someone, what are the behaviors to have when living in community are general attitudes that are acquired through others, while seeing them doing it.

The child needs to know everything that is possible to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The grace and courtesy exercises introduce all the gestures, words and usual customs of each culture, and are presented before the child is confronted to such situation or refuses to practice it.

In addition to giving them the codes of their culture, in addition to promoting easy speaking in public, it allows children to switch from body language to verbal language.

These rules of grace and courtesy are to be included in everyday life. It must be a beautiful moment of sharing with the children. It is necessary to pass them on in a gentle way, with joy and good humor without rushing or pointing the children.

The child should not be forced to do this if he or she does not yet feel ready or comfortably, it will come with time and by dint of seeing others do it. In short, the child must be comfortable to practice them.

If an adult asks a child to say thank you, he has to do it also to set an example for the child. 

“Grace and courtesy exercises” is an activity in the area of​ practical life. They are vectors of better self-confidence and self-esteem in children.