octobre 1, 2020

Tip of October: Holiday tips

The first piece of advice we want to offer you during the school holidays is to spend quality time with your child, and do one or two activities with them during this well-deserved rest period.

Then allow children to have a fixed routine that will meet their need for order and security.

The more familiar the routine, the more the child knows what to expect from his day.

It is the holidays, but learning must continue for the sake of child development.

You have experienced and lived the presentations, you have immersed yourself in practice with the evening on practical life, we encourage you to continue this momentum by motivating your child to do activities of daily life. 

We will never say it enough, practical life is the basis of everything.

You can offer or involve your child in daily chores around the house, including:

You can also do outdoor activities with your child such as: 

Children love to beautify their environment, plan flowers and make bouquets with them that they can put on a table in your living room.

All of these activities you can do in a fun way with them by simplifying the steps and going slowly so that the children can see the steps of the activity, absorb them and reproduce them in turn.

For children in the children’s community, these activities will be done with fewer steps. For children who have started potty training, we urge you to continue the process you have started and not to interrupt it.

Wishing you beautiful holidays,

Mme Nicole KOFFI 

Pedagogical Manager